Epic Fail
I just saw the pre-release of the 2nd New Moon trailer (from France).  What is with all the Jacob/Bella hugging?  And the kiss?  I understand they are trying to increase the tension, but Bella is always in love with Edward in the books.  Then I saw that Taylor and Kristen are doing a photoshoot with EW for next week.  Why is Summit not utilizing Rob and his popularity to help sell this movie?  He has legions of fans, yet he is obviously being kept from helping to promote it.  I wish I could just bypass all the wolf scenes in the movie like I do in the book.  Yikes!

Long summer indeed
Ted warned that it would be a long summer, with gossip and frustration and BOY was he right!  Although Rob has been "all work" doing his best on Remember Me, and when he goes out to a pub, he takes friends with him...that hasn't stopped the rags from trying to pimp stories from every which angle to make him look like a player.  It's disgusting.

Just yesterday, People of all places said how he was holding hands offscreen and becoming romantic with Emilie deRaven.  And now OK runs with the cover and story that Rob and Emilie are becoming so close and Kristen is jealous.  Whoa.  What crap!  Rob has a lot to prove with this movie and so wants to develop a friendly relationship with Emilie so they have some connecton that will transfer to the screen.  He is smart and takes other friends along so as not to give gossip rags ammo to use against him - but it doesn't matter, because they print what they want to anyway.  When I compare pictures of Rob kissing Emilie on the beach to Rob kissing Kristen in Italy, well there is NO comparison - the familarity, the playfulness and the HEAT index are off the charts with Kristen.  That should say plenty.

Rob has waited a long time to be with Kristen and they have gone through so much together.  I think they are really soulmates.  You don't throw that away for cheap fun.  I wish the rags and Summit would give him more credit and worry less about his personal life and more about his security and covering his work.

Ok, rant over.


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